Kiev, Olesya Gonchara street 36a

What we do

We create a bond

We try to create a trusting and comfortable environment for children to feel at home. We strive for individual approach to each and every kid but will also try to engage them in common fun. Our nursery has separated areas for children for different ages but they are also encouraged to mix together and to benefit from learning from each other.

We read a lot

We have an extensive library of English, Ukrainian and Russian printed and audio books and pay special attention to reading. We believe reading develops speaking skills, widens both active and passive vocabulary, helps with concentration and… there are countless benefits to reading which you’ll definitely see.

We play a lot

We are keen players and we have a lot of specially designed games for kids starting with the smallest ones to the preschoolers. We show and lead but we also give the kids the opportunity to devise their own games and to have quiet playing time for themselves.

We craft a lot

Not a single day without something crafty is our motto! We believe that arts and crafts develop multi-facet personalities and help express oneself. So we draw, paste, glue, model, decorate, create projects with natural materials. The more the better!

We walk a lot

We think that being outside benefits the kids’ health and gives them the opportunity to vent off their energy. So as soon as the kids are ready for walks (groups from 1,5 up) we go outside at least twice a day regardless the weather to play, run, and explore the world around us. No weather is bad enough for us (well, almost…)!

We arrange events

We know what a bit of fun is, and how important it is to share it with your loved ones. We regularly organize events for our little residents and their families to enjoy.