Kiev, Olesya Gonchara street 36a

Our principles

Our core principles are:


Care and trust. We love working with children. We love learning from them and helping them explore the world every day. The children are looked after by the same dedicated workers so they learn to know them well, to trust them and to develop a bond that helps them not miss their parents too much.


Safety. All safety procedures are in place in our nursery and it’s a priority for all our staff. Our play and other areas are designed to minimize the risk of injuries to the kids. We have updated first aid kits and are trained to use them. A qualified PD pediatrician cooperates with us and is always at a call distance. We also offer health insurances for kids in case you don’t have them and work out comprehensive individual plans with the parents on actions in emergencies. Our establishment has the burglar and fire alarms.  


Development through play. We offer an extensive range of resources and employ different techniques and methods for helping the child develop, but without pressure and in individual pace. We accelerate the motor skills with plays, massages and exercises. We talk a lot. We explain and show, praise and encourage.


Hygiene. We believe that hygiene is important for small kids. We don’t create sterile environment but we clean and wash diligently. We are also passionate for airing the premises and moistening the air.