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Healthy Meals

We believe that in such a tender age, healthy food is essential for health and development of children. Our menus have been drawn with the help of an experienced children pediatrician and dietician and all the food is cooked from scratch just for our little residents from 1,5 and up.

For the smallest kids (0-1,5) we primarily use trusted products of HIPP – milk formulas and pureed food or make food additions ourselves, depending on what parents want us to. If you use other milk formula, porridges or pureed food, please let us now. For such small ones, we discuss with parents individually what they would like to add to the into the kid’s menu.  

For the kids ages 1.5 and up, we cook from scratch. We mail our menus for kids to the parents each fortnight. Individual menus/catering to special dietary needs of your child are also available. Our daily menus are diverse and include meat and fish, dairy products (we make our yogurts, custard and kefir ourselves), cereals, lots of fruits and veggies (don’t worry, our ingenious cooks and teachers know how to help your child love them), juices and soups made on fresh filtered water. Older kids may help themselves to drinks, fruits and veg snacks throughout the day, like they would do at home. All our treats (well, kids need some sweet stuff too, don’t they?) are all home-made and with limited sugar content.

We are creative in cooking and run culinary classes for older kids. We also cater to birthday parties and prepare heavenly staff to kids and parents to enjoy.  

And yes, we believe that cooking and eating make an important part of family life and fun, so we engage kids in the process as early as possible. The younger children may help decorate their food. The older ones may even help to cook!