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About Us

About us

Teddy Bear Day Care Center

In Ukraine, we’re the pioneers of childcare for kids from the newborns to pre-school age. Most nurseries in Kiev accept children from age 3, or sometimes a bit younger though usually they don’t have special facilities for babies and toddlers. The parents are left with an option of caring for the kid at home which is not always possible if the parents work, or hiring a nanny. Both, though having their benefits like the absolute bond with parents of individual care of a nanny, lack a component that we believe to be very important and that initially inspired us to start – socializing.

Children need communication from early age. This thesis may be proved anytime – just look at how your baby reacts to other children. Even newborns are usually fascinated and will be interested in watching others “look-alikes”. Early introduction to society allows the child to learn how to communicate, to acquire new skills through mimicking, to have a more diverse environment. Studies show that children who communicated a lot with other people in the early age, both adults and other kids, are more easy-going, develop faster and are more independent.

To further the development of babies, we decided we will speak three languages here – English, Russian or Ukrainian (we can manage a bit of French and Swedish too!). For expats and families from abroad, it gives a chance for smoother transition for the kid – he or she will have less stress when getting used to the nursery where staff speaks his or her native language. For our local customers, we offer a chance to make your kid a bilingual or trilingual effortlessly!

We also believe that all parents need time for themselves, and a happy family is the one where mum can rest well. Therefore, our nursery is not only for children – our goal is to make their parents’ lives easier as well. We offer packages for different amount of time – full day, half-day, Saturday club etc. If you want to spend an evening with your beloved or friends, we’ll cover for you. If you want to go on a holiday, night shifts are available.